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Best vehicle GPS Trackers for under the car - Which is right for you?

January 18, 2023 2 min read

Best vehicle GPS Trackers for under the car - Which is right for you?

Best vehicle GPS Trackers for under the car - Which is right for you?

You decided you need a GPS tracker. Now what? Where do you put it? Which one do you need? What do you need? Who can help? The questions just keep on coming! 


Simply said, GPS tracking is a simple technology that doesn't work simply for some reason. Where you purchase your GPS vehicle tracking equipment will determine the ease or level of major confusion you will experience. Here is how to tackle the process and get the most out of your decision:

1. Select a full service provider. Make sure who you purchase the equipment from can also activate it, set up service, maintain service and support it. All these will be very important. If you have to go to multiple providers for each, eventually you will be frustrated when a problem or question arises, plus getting started will be extremely confusing as you try to find a compatible service and set up your basic preferences. If your supplier is a full-service supplier, then you have got only one call or visit to make and that is worth something.

2. Choose the right tracking equipment the first time. Even if you are not trying to be discrete, this can help or completely thwart your efforts. Think about how often you will have to charge the device, what kind of information is most important to you, service coverage areas, reporting, backup, logs, advanced features, support plans, placement options, etc. If you have been thinking about AirTags or SmartTags, be cautious of their privacy notification policies. These wonderful tags work well and are inexpensive, but will also let others know their presence. That means that if a thief just stole your very expensive vehicle, chances are he will be notified of the tag just in time to disable it. 

3. Privacy. Avoid second-hand markets. Did you know that most GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems once active and recording will keep this information recorded for several months or years even after your stop service? If your home appears on your tracking history, use caution when handing it out to others! On the reverse, if that person utilized the tracker in an illegal way, now your histories are intertwined for at least a while.

These are our faves for under-the-vehicle installations: 

  1. Most Popular - Offers considerable battery life and super accurate location: PT-V4K-Pro
  2. Smallest - Same location accuracy packaged in a compact easy to install box: GPS101639KM

If you need help choosing the right GPS Tracker, we can help. Stop by our store, call or start at this GPS Tracking page to learn more.

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