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How to use UV ink and visible stain to catch sticky fingers thieves

February 01, 2023 2 min read

How to use UV ink and visible stain to catch sticky fingers thieves

How to use UV ink and visible stain to catch sticky-fingered thieves

No matter how generous you are, there is always room for people who try and take advantage by taking what is not theirs. Sometimes they take little things and it's simply annoying, but other times they take valuable assets that incrementally inflict financial and emotional damage, especially if the item stolen has sentimental value.

How do you put a stop to stealing? How do you identify the offender? This can be especially hard when more than one person can be at fault, but this is where our special ingredient solutions will come to the rescue without the use of cameras or other more expensive or intrusive ways. 

Catch the thief one of two ways:

  1. Shame catch: This strategy visibly identifies the thief and makes it easy for everyone to see. There is no hiding. 
  2. Stealth catch: Here you can give the offender a way to save face. You will still know who it was, but you will need to take multiple steps.

Shame catch - The fastest and easiest of the two. First decide on the bait. It should be something you know the thief will want to take, but something that not everyone will need to touch. For example, if your thief is stealing money out of your bedroom, the bait may be a few marked bills in the usual location that are marked with the visible stain powder. Use only a small amount and don't worry, the visible stain is not visible until it is touched by skin. Once the thief grabs the bills, his hands will immediately develop a long-lasting purple stain that you can easily see. At this time, dole out the punishment as needed.

Stealth catch: This one is for those that are always looking to be discrete. Follow the same steps as with the shame catch, but use the invisible Thief detection powder instead. This powder only glows when exposed to UV light. This way, you can catch, identify and deal with offenders in a more private way. This is particularly useful in workplaces and schools.

Both of these theft detection tools can be used as a light dusting on items and also mixed with water to create a paste that can be more precisely used. 

There it is, you now have the tools to stop this pesky problem. 

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