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How to be secure when there are so many psychopaths? Are you one?

April 12, 2023 3 min read

How to be secure when there are so many psychopaths? Are you one?

How to be secure when there are so many psychopaths? Are you one?

Turmoil and lack of trust in Government and law enforcement, not to mention questionable law and order policies have given wings to many looking to rebel and challenge the status quo. This has become more prevalent since 2019 and has not yielded since.  In fact, even NYC mayor doesn’t feel safe in his own city: “For the first time in my life, even in the late '80s and '90s when the crime rate was killing 2,000 people a year, I never felt as unsafe as I do now just walking around," Paterson told the WABC radio show The Cats Roundtable
While many are quick to riot, loot, and cause physical harm to others for no apparent reason; the rest are looking at these events unfold and wonder “how is this possible?” “Growing up we did not see this kind of violence “ “it’s just not safe anymore”. 


From a situational perspective there are many factors that could be at play. For instance, defunding police (less resources to police), wokeness movement (catch and release), and social discontent (government leaders greed for power that tarnishes a once held in high regard position: The Presidency; leaving no one at helm). 


But what about the human factor alone? Has our society become more psychopathic than ever? Perhaps it has always been like this and just now it feels free to express these tendencies? Somedays it feels like we are stuck in a Purge movie


While most tend to know our limits, there are some that keep pushing to set new limits and society might just lower the bar. Now more than ever businesses and citizens should be looking at smart security systems that can help deter and identify aggressors. 


What about incidents that build in the workplace? Not too many entities will take the time to analyze behavior to uncover possible threats before the inevitable happens. In fact, not too many businesses can afford to do so.


Artificial intelligence in surveillance systems are designed for enterprise solutions carrying hefty costs. What is everyone else to do? If your business may be at risk, we recommend using hidden cameras and a solid protocol to assess people and evaluate possible offenders. So how do you start building a protocol? Bring in all your team leaders and have a talk. Identify what you can and cannot do legally and then start with those people that just give you a gut feeling. If someone feels off, it is worth taking a closer look and observing their behaviors and interactions. Then make work on next steps. Behavioral awareness is likely one of the most overlooked security tools and when used properly it rarely fails.


Are you wondering if you have some psychopathic tendencies? Check this quiz to test your answers against research and see if you might.


Now, how can you go through the day knowing that there is so much you can't control? Simple, stop trying to control others. You can only control how YOU act, think, and behave.  Be a better human every day. 


Should you walk round and turn the other cheek if confronted with a ruffian? That depends on so many factors. Is your safety in immediate danger? Then your physical and mental wellbeing may be better by taking action. Simple non- lethal options are available. We hope you will never need to use them but having some sort of personal protection tools not only can give you a fighting chance but also provide a sense of protection every day. 


We talked about the common crisis, we checked your possible psychopath tendencies, we discussed things that you can do; but what is a psychopath? “The true definition of a psychopath in psychiatry refers to someone with ASPD, explains Dr. Prakash Masand, a psychiatrist and co-founder of the Centers of Psychiatric Excellence. ASPD describes a condition marked by patterns of manipulation tactics and violation of others.” 
Now you know.


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