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Wondering if our loved one is cheating? These 3 tools will let you know the truth.

February 15, 2023 3 min read

Wondering if our loved one is cheating? These 3 tools will let you know the truth.

Wondering if our loved one is cheating? These 3 tools will let you know the truth.

Valentine's day is such a great day for couples. Well, for most of them. Sometimes, this love celebration uncovers doubts and deceit that can make your world spin around. If you are feeling insecure and not too trusting after this Valentine's celebration, you are not alone. According to Kassia Wosick a research affiliate at New Mexico State University in the USA cheating rates hover around 20 percent.  In fact, in one of her studies, 26% of men reported cheating while 19% of women admitted to infidelity.

Now that you know your gut may be telling you to beware for a reason, let's talk about the big question: SHOULD YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NAGGING FEELING THAT YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER MAY BE CHEATING? Breaking things down in a less emotional analysis, we could argue that you have two choices:

1. Do nothing about it and hope that you are wrong.

2. Set out to confirm if your suspicions are right. 

Either way, you have decisions to make and something to lose. If you choose to do nothing, there is a high probability that you will still feel the way you do and read more into things than you should. You will inevitably distrust your partner and this kind of constant edge can be stressful for you and disconcerting to your partner if they have not done anything wrong. If they have done something wrong, then you will continue to build a relationship with someone who is not honest with you.

Should you choose option 2 and set out to either confirm or deny your suspicions; you could get caught, you could find out that in fact they are cheating, or you can simply see for yourself that your loved one is that trusting and loving person you know and rest knowing that you were just experiencing a little relationship anxiety. We have all been there (even if no one admits it).

if you are still reading, I will assume that you are leaning to finding out once and for all. Here are 3 things you should invest in right now:

Tool #1: Find where they go when not with you. 

A GPS tracker is a fantastic way to create a baseline for unscheduled stops. Simple actions like asking "where are you" and confirming the GPS data on the spot can tell you so much!


Tool #2: Check for conversations with others that exceed functional flirting. 

A compact voice recorder can shine some light on the issue. There is a big difference between flirting for sex and functional flirting. One seeks physical contact, the other is more of a manipulation technique that intends no physical consequences. A well placed voice recorder can tell you who your loved one is talking to and whether those conversations point to another relationship.


Tool #3: Leave it to the professionals. 

Things can get very stressful and some people just cannot calmly wait to see what happens. If you feel you need to know but just can't  do it yourself, seek a professional. A  private detective can get you the evidence and information you need to make informed decisions about your relationship. While this can be pricey, think about how much effort and hard work you are putting into building a life with someone else. If you are already married or share assets, cheating has a far greater impact. It is not only an emotional drain, but can also be a financial concern.

Now that you have a guiding path, take a deep breath and think about what is right for you.  

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