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WWII Enigma Spies are TODAY's Cyber Training Ground

Posted by Diana E on

Spies that Won the War - Tomorrow's Cyber Defense Force  

If you are a history buff or have seen the movie "The Imitation Game" (2014) you already know that Germany's prized Enigma machine was ultimately decoded in the UK to win the war. 

In a time where life and death took priority over everything else, spies were rampant. Yet incredible minds, developped once impossible to believe technologies, that ultimately became so important, that they are part of our everyday life. Yes, I'm talking about: the "computer".

The machine that broke the famed Enigma machine code was an early version of what today we have come to know as a computer. Today's wars are fought differently, and that means that our government's approach to war had to change. 

Enigma Spy Decoded Machine

With the computer, came many new fighting techniques that are used in warfare. Just think about how much damage a savvy computer programmer or hacker can have on a country's infrastructure and economic systems by simply entering a few lines of code or changing some.

Bletchley Park wants to be prepared and it has projected that on or about 2019 their training academy will nurture 16-19 year olds to pave the way for their future cyber defense forces. The National College of Cyber Security will sure be one of the most pretigious schools focused on Cyber Security. 

How much will this school cost and how does one get in? Get a load of this: This school's tuition will be FREE and you will not need to meet any specific academic marks.

There is a catch: applicants will be screened and selected through a series of aptitude tests and self-taught coders are sure to have an advantage! Just brush up on your math, physics, computer science and economics as these will be core subjects and extra emphasis will be given to those subjects. Certainly not a slacker dorm.

It will be quite interesting to see how in the near future many will answer "Cyber Security" when asked what will you major in?

Know someone who is just perfect to apply? Forward the read. Let us know what you think in the comments. We would love to know what you think about today's warfare techniques in cyber world and most importantly:

Do you think that the coveted spy will be transformed from the adventurous fighting machine in the field to the bright minds behind the computer? 

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