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Need a Camera? Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Camera System

May 26, 2017 3 min read

Need a Camera? Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Camera System

Home improvement is the HOT topic this time of the year. The truth is we all have more time and the outdoors is inviting, so why not enhance our living space! This also goes true for home security... and if you were not thinking of it, you should.

Surveillance systems are usually not at the top of home improvements for many reasons.

Top reasons people put off adding surveillance systems to their home:

  1. Installation cost and hassle
  2. Restrictions HOA and landlords place for installation of cameras and wire runs
  3. Lack of technical knowledge and general support availability
home security  In the USA alone, 35% of people rent their living space while 65% actually own a home. People that own a home are more likely to install a surveillance system but only after safety and security of their home has already been compromised by theft, vandalism or other similar event.


Renters have a whole other issue with surveillance systems besides the ones noted above. At the top of the list is "why invest if I will be moving to another place at some point?". A valid assessment of their situation considering renters don't want to enhance the property value of someone else, even if it offers an immediate benefit to them.

Having shown you out all the reasons why people don't bite the bullet and get a surveillance system, lets take a look at reasons why you should:

  1. Increase safety and security
  2. Added convenience in daily life
  3. Piece of mind
  4. Awareness
  5. Increase property value and reduce taxes
camera system

Can you already see that there are more reasons for than against? Yes! The simple answer is that you should NOT procrastinate implementing a surveillance system today. But where do you even start?

Determine if your needs can be met by using only indoor cameras.

Many people believe that cameras serve their best purpose outside the home. This is rarely true. Unless you are dealing with vandalism; outdoor cameras are likely to catch joggers and dogs your front loan, but that is about it. Most issues happen inside the home.

Whether it is keeping an eye on care takers, children, the elderly and even theft or infidelity; these important events happen inside the home. 

While you might want to keep an eye as to who might hover around your property, the odds of truly needing outdoor surveillance is unlikely for a residential purpose.

Now, you will have one of three answers:

  1. Yes, I want outside cameras, because I have a an issue that happens outside and nothing else. 
  2. Yes, I really want to know what goes inside my house, and after thinking about it I don't need to know who is outside my door. Just need to know if they come in!
  3. I want it all even if I don't need it because I like to be prepared for the unexpected.

Based on your answers here are some things to consider to select the best surveillance camera system:

If your answer is #1:  

easy to do  A traditional system is what you need. A combination of properly selected cameras and recorder. Make sure to really think about the areas you want to cover and why. Taking your time to know what you want and set realistic expectations is important. Don't rely on pre-packaged solutions to meet your all your needs. Only a custom designed system will do that! You will need an installer unless you are handy with wires and computer networking.

If your answer is #2:

You are in luck! You have the most amount of choices. But here is a tip: Choose the most feature rich option that is the easiest to install and maintain. We also suggest having your cameras be hidden. This way you will achieve your goals without making it obvious to visitors and others. There are great DIY camera system choices that will get you ready in just a few minutes and there is no need for an installer nor do you need to be a computer genius! view camera on your phone

If your answer is #3:

Select a custom traditional camera system. These systems allow you mix outdoor and hidden cameras of all kinds. You can get easy to spot cameras for outside which will deter malicious activity and for the inside you can have hidden cameras to ensure minimal impact on your home decor. You will need an installer unless you are handy with wires and computer networking.

There you have it! Simple and quick. Now that you know what best suits your situation get right on it and protect your home and assets with a camera system that meets your needs.


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