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Banking & Retail Products

High Quality Counterfeit Detection & Money Counting Machines

Although most customers offer you valid bills, there is always that one devious person that tries to run a bleached bill or complete counterfeit through your business. Outfit each cash register with a counterfeit detector pen. With a swift swipe of the counterfeit pen, any person can determine a bill's true value.

If you want a more integrated counterfeit detection system, look for a currency counting machine. Along with accurate counts, these machines use various tests such as ultraviolet light to detect any counterfeiting. Use a money counting machine several times a day for those busy cash registers to find any issues.

Spy Site offers several different cash counting machine models to match your industry's needs. A small business doesn't need a heavy-duty machine, but it should still be accurate with a small volume. Businesses that have a huge cash flow need machines that keep up with large bill loads.