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Magic Vanishing Ink - Disappearing Ink Pen

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This message will auto destruct in 2 hours or less!

Yes, you read it right. Messages written with our magic vanishing ink pen disappear in 2 hours or less. Just write as you normally would with any pen. As time goes by the ink slowly disappears like magic. 

Have a store and want to give a true deadline to a super deal? Use the pen to give the bearer 2 hours or less to make up their mind or the deal is gone!

Fool around with your friends writing messages that will not stand the test of time. Use it for password writing, so even if you forget to destroy your little note, it will just eventually vanish into thin air. secret

How can we do this? Its all about chemistry and temperature. The higher the temperature the faster the ink disappears. Works on most surfaces, but be sure to test an inconspicuous area first. Turn up the heat, write with blue ink and don't turn red if your deal is gone after 2 hours!

Disappearing Ink Pen Features:

  • Fun and clever gift for all ages
  • Write like a real blue ink pen
  • Looks like an ordinary pen
  • Magically disappears in 2 hours or less


Ask a Question
  • when are you going to get more vanishing ink ,dissappearing ink pens

    Hello! The disappearing ink pens are back in stock. Click here to order yours!

  • What color is the ink?

    Thanks for reaching out. The ink of this disappearing ink pen is usually black but sometimes it can be blue.

  • Does it really work as advertised?

    Thanks for reaching out. The vanishing ink pen works exactly like we list it. You write down your message then the ink disappears in 2 hours or less depending and cannot be retrieved.

  • Is there any way to retrieve the ink after it has disappeared

    Thank you for your question. The ink from the disappearing ink pen cannot be retrieved after it has disappeared.

  • Hi, i am looking for blue and black vanishing pen. i need two pieces for each. 4 in total. Please let me know. Thanks

    Hello. We currently only have blue ink pens. You can purchase them at this link: Buy vanishing ink pen

  • Will it start disappearing suspiciously straight after writing? Like losing color? And it will be completely gone in 2hours or does it start disappearing after 2 hours?

    On average it will start disapparing after 2 hours. This timeline is affected by how warm the environment is. The warmer it is the faster the disappearing ink will start to vanish.

  • how many uses can you get out of it?

    There is no information that specifically indicates how many uses. It really varies per user and application.