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Ultra-thin Portable Slim Metal 10000mah USB Power Bank

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Is Your Phone Running Out of Power Juice?

When it comes to connectivity, mobile devices are a wonderful thing! We have become so dependent that everything we do seems to use these electronics. In fact, when our phone or tablet runs out of battery we feel rather lost. Stay connected and power up while on the go with the help of these power packs!

Keep the battery bank charged so you are ready for any emergency or power outage. Slim enough to carry in your purse or pocket, this ultra slim power bank has lots of power for your mobile device to run for hours and hours.

Sleek, functional and a true emergency kit must have; our power banks are all you need when going out for long outdoor trips, on vacation, and pretty much anywhere life takes you. Don't miss out on taking pictures or filming video because your phone ran out of battery. Don't be left driving in circles when your phone shuts down in the middle of GPS directions. You need this!

Are you looking to extend the battery life on one of our portable cameras? Good thinking! add any where from 3-20 extra hours with a single power pack! Consult with a SpySite agent to ensure your device will support the add on and to verify additional battery life gained.

An efficient design allows you to charge these packs more than 1000 times! That is many, many, many hours of life saving, social life empowering, workaholic mobile device battery life. 

Feeling like a tech guru? Here is some food for thought:  The amount of charge provided to a device depends on the consumption of that particular device. To calculate simply divide 10,000 by the mA battery capacity your device. For instance an iPhone 6 has a 1810mA battery; so you would say 10,000/1810mA = 5.5, This means, you could charge your iPhone 6 up to 5.5 times with 1 fully charged power pack! 

USB Compact Battery Pack Features:

  • Convenient and slim design for portability
  • Compact size - fits in pocket
  • Large capacity battery 10,000mA for more hours of operation
  • A 5V 1A input/output
  • Weighs only 150 grams
  • Measures only 4.3 x 2.75 x 0.39 inches (110 x 70 x 10 mm) L x W x D  

USB Portable Power Bank Includes:

  • 1 power bank
  • 1 USB cable


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