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Professional Voice Recorder Pen – Want to discretely voice record business meetings?

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Programable Pen Voice Recorder

Introducing the Programmable Pen Voice Recorder – Your Key to Effortless Note-Taking

Elevate your work game with our Programmable Pen Voice Recorder. Designed to seamlessly fit into the busy lives of professionals in the corporate world, this ingenious pen lets you capture meetings and conversations discreetly and conveniently.

Simple Recording: This pen does more than just write – it records too! With just a click, you can capture important discussions, lectures, and meetings, eliminating the need for extensive note-taking.

Crystal Clear Sound, Minimal Disturbance: Even in noisy surroundings, this pen ensures clear recordings. Its rechargeable battery can last up to 20 hours, enabling you to capture an entire day's worth of content without interruptions.

Ample Storage Capacity: Equipped with the ability to store up to 130 hours of recordings, this pen also adds a time and date stamp to each file, allowing for easy organization and retrieval.

Playback Anywhere, Anytime: Relive your recordings either on your computer or directly through the pen itself. You can even upload and enjoy your favorite music on it.

Sleek and Concealed: With its discreet design, this pen makes recording a seamless and covert activity. A simple click on the top of the pen starts recording without any visible cues, ensuring your privacy.

From Workplace to More: Use it to remember important details from meetings, or if you're a student, capture lectures to review later for better understanding.

Effective Record Keeping: Hold people accountable with recorded promises and ensure that vital discussions are always on record.

Your Everyday Companion: Beyond work, this pen serves as a reliable tool for memo reminders, saving conversations, and exploring its full range of possibilities.

Upgrade Your Approach: Discover the potential of the Programmable Pen Voice Recorder – your ally for simplified organization. Unburden yourself and make your daily tasks smoother and more efficient. Get yours today!

Spy Pen Voice MP3 Features:

  • Automatic background noise cancellation
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Easy playback without computer
  • Compatible with PC and MAC
  • Easy to use and discrete

Pen MP3 Player Recorder Technical Specification:

  • High Quality Recording - 192 kbps 
  • 20 hour battery life for recording
  • 16GB of internal memory = 130+ hours of recording storage
  • Works just like an ordinary ballpoint pen

Included with your MP3 Pen Recorder:

  • Black ball point pen
  • Playback headphones
  • USB cable
  • Extra ink replacement leads
  • E-manual


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