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Wi-Fi Button & Screw Night Vision Camera - Professional Wearable Portable Surveillance

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A Detective's Dream Wearable Camera - even in the dark (or not)!

In law enforcement investigations there are just a few things more dangerous or scary than sending an asset or going undercover completely disconnected. Our US designed wearable camera has been carefully thought of, so you can get all the best features technology has to offer, while offering you the mobility and quality you seek.

SpySite offers this body worn camera with sought after features like:

  • Remote Live access - so you can have your team looking out for you!
  • Remote Recording - so you can focus on keeping your cover
  • Live voice and video - so no-one misses anything
  • IRs - Go from day to night, outside to inside without loosing your evidence
  • Manual IRs - turn them off if a camera scan is possible
  • No glow night vision LEDs - Glowing is simply not acceptable!
  • Local Storage - for when you must go solo
  • UHD 4K Camera quality -  for better details
  • Selectable voice recording - meet audio recording laws as needed

Small and capable our wifi button camera comes not only with 3 different buttons of various sizes and colors; but you also get different screw lens tips so you can make this body worn camera into a surveillance system that can be placed inside a wall, cabinet or some other stationary application.

A rechargeable battery gives you up to 4 hours of operation time on the field and can be easily swapped for longer days. You can also use the USB port and expand the power capabilities to any outlet or USB power pack.

Compatible with both Apple and Android smart phones too. Free APP lets you see the camera positioning, access remote features, view memory card recordings, and manage all camera settings.

128GB memory card is included so you can record as much as you need without restrictions of space. A single card supports more than 20 days of recordings! We there are no clouding or service fees! Your recordings are stored on you memory card and remote viewing uses your Wi-Fi connection.

The lens tips screw on and off for more secure installation. You get various button styles with spare buttons to match suitable for male and female investigators, plus different screw head tips:

Set includes:

  • 4 Large black buttons 
  • 4 Medium black buttons
  • 8 Small black buttons
  • 2 Different screw heads

The camera's 90 degree angle coverage offers sufficient coverage to record in most situations. The night vision feature is manual so you can turn it off if you are stepping into a skeptical space that may monitor for IRs via camera feed. Enjoy hassle free low light visibility of up to 10 feet!  Please note, night vision models may take 1 additional week to build.

Record with motion activation to avoid wasted recording space, since it supports up to a 128GB card, you will be able to record audio and video files for many hours or days at a time! 

Wifi Button Camera & Screw Camera Features:

  • CAM101792K has Close up focus for better screen capture
  • 128GB memory included!
  • Includes a 4 hour battery 
  • 90° camera angle
  • Supports 2.4 Ghz wireless Wi-Fi network connection
  • Supports power supply for continuous operation
  • Video quality 4K, 1080P and 720P viewing - Records 1MP 1280 x 720 color video @ 15FPS
  • Memory consumption: ~3.7hours/1GB
  • Record audio and video - live video and sound too!
  • View from your cellphone from anywhere!
  • Motion detection with alerts.
  • Time and date stamp
  • Time and date watermark
  • Comes with all you need 

Spy Night Vision Wearable Camera Includes:

  • 1 Spy Camera with 128GB card
  • 1 Lens tip Set with spare non-lens tip buttons/screws
  • 1 2500mA Battery (Except for CAM101792K - 1-2 hours)
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • FREE Tech Support


Ask a Question
  • Who makes the button/screw hidden camera? Is there any kind of guarantee?

    Hello, Thanks for reaching out. SpySite manufactures the Wi-Fi Button & Screw Night Vision Camera. All SpySite cameras come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Who makes this camera? What kind of guarantee does it come with?

    Hello. The Wi-Fi Button & Screw Night Vision Camera  is manufactured by SpySite. All cameras manufactured by SpySite come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Thanks for reaching out.

  • Do you have footage for this: audio and vidéo quality? Is there a cheaper version without remote live Access/ remote recording?

    Hello and thank you for reaching out with your question. You can see a video of this camera Button & Screw Camera Video. Keep in mind the actual camera quality will be better than shown on the video as YouTube compresses the file when rendering it.  If you would like to see a close alternatively that is lowered priced and without remote access features, check out our slim button camera.

  • Hi there. I see you gave the "Daytime Set 2" available. How well is the image in places like nightclubs, bars, etc? Thabks

    It is low light capable, however in nightclubs where darkeness is near total darkness the IR will be limited to close interactions. Conservatively speaking you can expect 3-10 feet IR coverage.

  • Is the ear piece available for this model?

    You can purchase the ear piece separately. Here is the link.

  • This offers a live video connection to my phone capability ?

    Yes, this camera supports direct connection from your phone with a without internet. Without you will have a limitation of range to 100 feet. when connected to a wifi network, the camera then can be access from anywhere without distance restriction.