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Carriage Tabletop Clock Hidden CCTV Camera


  • $ 15000
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Carriage Tabletop Clock Spy Camera

A beautifully decorated home should stay that way. This elegant golden clock spy camera has been designed for elegant spaces that need discrete surveillance and security.

Ideal for home and office, this CCTV camera conceals its camera for a perfect hidden view of any room. Installation is simple and the spy camera is compatible with most CCTV systems already found in homes and offices.

The clock is functional and the color hidden camera is ready to spy for you with just a few simple steps. If you are looking to add discrete cameras to your CCTV surveillance system, you will love the crisp image quality.

Power and video connections are standard and compatible with most DVRs and other electronics. To record the action just power and connect the video cable to your recording device. Compatible with security monitors and most TVs too!

 This product is made in the USA!


  1. Plug the power transformer into a wall outlet for power
  2. Connect the camera video out connection with a video cable to the video input on your video recording device (not included).
  3. Position your camera with the help of a monitor or TV (not included)
  4. Engage your recorder in the recording mode.

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Carriage Clock Spy Camera Features:

  • High resolution camera for crisp video quality 
  • Analog video - Add to any analog and hybrid DVRs
  • RCA video connector to support thousands of electronics
  • Concealed Camera in a functional table top clock
  • Gold metal and fluted sides quartz clock
  • Ideal for office and home.
  • Easy to use
  • Made in the USA

Carriage Clock Hidden Camera Specifications:

  • 78 degree field of view
  • 3.7mm Lens
  • Sharp CCD image Sensor
  • 110 V DC 5V power
  • NTSC format

Your Carriage Hidden Camera Clock will Include:

  • 1 Clock Camera
  • 1 Power Supply