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Voice Recording Pen - Audio Recorder & Player

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Spy Pen Hidden Voice Recorder

Recording classes, meetings, and conversations is really easy with this pen voice recorder and MP3 player! Looks and works just like a pen yet only a click away from recording sounds and conversations.

Ultimate background noise cancellation makes your recordings clearer and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours of continuous operation, now you can record a whole day without stopping to recharge. 

16GB memory supports up to 180 hours of recordings space. A super long standby battery is great for when you need a recorder in places where sound is rare, but a must to record. Time and date stamp is supported so you can easily organize your recordings and know exactly when something happened.

Record continuously or with voice activation. Playback using your computer or the pen itself! A built-in MP3 player feature lets you playback music you upload or voice recordings you have made with the pen.

A hidden operation lets you discretely engage recordings by simply clicking the top of the pen. Now when things get heated or when you need a tool that helps you keep on top of what needs to be done; you breathe easier because you are have the spy pen voice recorder.

You can quickly record any conversation, a whole meeting and even a whole lecture. Jot down your notes, after all, this is a functional pen; but go beyond conventional note taking and record the whole thing!

    If you are a student, studying just got more interesting and you will see that playing back classes is the most efficient and reliable means of studying.

    At work, you can record meetings to make sure you don't miss any of the little details that can make a large project succeed or fail. You will quickly be known for your iron clad memory!

    • Keep records of conversations

    • Business meetings now have a backup file

    • Verbal promises are now enforceable!

    When it comes to everyday life, this pen wont disappoint, as you will be able to make memo reminders for yourself, record any conversation, and the possibilities are all there for you to explore with your new super gadget.

    Your spy voice recorder pen is an excellent companion and you will never be without a pen ever again.   

    Spy Pen Voice MP3 Features:

    • Automatic background noise cancellation
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Easy playback without computer
    • Compatible with PC and MAC
    • Easy to use and discrete

    Pen MP3 Player Recorder Technical Specification:

    • High Quality Recording - 192 kbps 
    • 20 hour battery life for recording
    • 30 day standby battery
    • 16GB of internal memory = 180+ hours of recording storage
    • Works just like an ordinary ballpoint pen
    • Discrete indicator LED while recording

    Included with your MP3 Pen Recorder:

    • Black ball point pen
    • Playback adapter and headphones
    • USB cable
    • Extra ink replacement leads
    • Instruction manual


    Ask a Question
    • Hi does I pick up voice and starts recording automatically

      Hello. The Voice Recording Pen is capable of recording as you want as it does support voice activation.