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8 Lock Pick Sets and Tools for Everyday Use

July 13, 2016 3 min read

8 Lock Pick Sets and Tools for Everyday Use

We have all been there. You turn the lock, shut the door, and realize you left your keys in the house. Sometimes this happens with your car too. Whether you are looking for lock picking tools to help you in this situation or you are a law enforcement officer or private investigator who may need to get past a few locked doors on the job, there are a few tools you will want to check out.

“Shovit Tool” Lock Pick

For decades, people have used their credit cards to pick their lock when they are in a bind. Unfortunately, this can damage your card and make it difficult to use on merchant terminals. The Shovit Tool lock pick provides the same function without damage. A very inexpensive device, it is only 10 ¾ inches, making it simple to fit in your purse or toolbox.

Slim Jim Lock Pick Tool

Getting locked out of your car is a frustrating experience, especially if the vehicle is running. Rather than calling for help from law enforcement or auto clubs, you can be prepared the next time this happens to you. The Slim Jim lock pick tool is simple, effective, and you will be back in your vehicle in minutes.

Five Piece Lock Pick Set

You will be prepared for anything when you make the investment in the five piece lock pick set. This kit is specially designed for the beginner, and everyone from police officers to concerned homeowners have been using it. With its use, you will be capable of opening nearly any conventional pin-tumbler lock. Best of all, it comes with an instructional book that helps you learn how to use it.

Auto Jigglers Lock Pick Set

Whether you are trying to get into a foreign or domestic car, the Auto Jigglers lock pick set is a jack of all trades. Used by professional repo personnel and locksmiths, this set is made of 301 stainless steel, and is the perfect accessory for anyone who needs regular, legal access into vehicles.

Broken Key Extractor

If you have ever broken a key into your lock, you know how frustrating it can be to try to remove it and repair the lock. Landlords and law enforcement officers understand the importance of the broken key extractor. This device makes it easy to regain access, and you get the most for your money with seven broken key pullers and leather case.

Pocket Lock Pick

Looking for a lock pick set you can fit in your pocket? Look no further than the versatile pocket lock pick. At only 3 ½ inch long and ¼ inch thick, this jackknife features five picks and a tension tool. Whether you prefer to carry it in your pocket or place it on your key ring, it is small enough to fit while still providing the capabilities of many of the larger sets.

Cylinder Practice Lock

One of the most important things you can do to learn how to use a lock pick set is practice; and the cylinder practice lock is the perfect learning tool. This device is see-through, meaning you are able to watch the pin movement as you practice, giving you an inside look at the inner workings of a standard lock. This is perfect to use in educational settings or at home.

The 17 Piece Lock Pick

If you work in a profession where you frequently have to pick your way into buildings, you will not want to be without the 17 piece lock pick. Due to the numerous types and styles of tools in this set, you will be able to pick any pin-tumbler lock. You will also be provided with a zippered leather case for safe-keeping.

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