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Surveillance Systems for Your House

May 27, 2016 3 min read

Surveillance Systems for Your House

Nervous Yet?

Who wouldn't be? Anyone who pays attention to the news these days has undoubtedly noticed an increase in home security breaches. More homes are being vandalized, burglarized and invaded than ever before. It's enough to make a person want to ramp up their home security in a significant way.

We all want to protect our families and ourselves in the most effective manner possible. One way to do this is to install and use a home surveillance system. With an excellent security system in place you'll sleep better at night, knowing the people and things that matter most are being watched out for at all times. It used to be very costly to purchase a home security camera system. Today, high quality systems are affordable to most homeowners.

Not sure what kind of home security system is right for you? If you've spent much time shopping for a home security system, you have surely seen a number of them for sale in stores and online. It can be hard to know which system is appropriate. Most homeowners don't want a big obvious system. SpySite offers a range of surveillance solutions that range from tiny happy face lapel pins to full AV systems large enough to watch over a sizable estate. Any person considering home surveillance ought to do their research, because not all home security surveillance systems are created equal.

SpySite offers audio, video, and audio-video home surveillance systems and accessories for your consideration:

Audio Only Surveillance Systems

As the name says, an audio-only surveillance system provides nothing but sound. Old school tape recording devices were hard to hide; 21st century technology allows for discrete audio recording that may be appropriate for use in a variety of situations. Voices are like fingerprints and can be used to prove a person's identity. Audio-only devices can be as discrete as you want them to be. A stealthy audio recorder can appear to be nothing more than a nice wristwatch or pen.

Video Only Surveillance Systems

Think your babysitter is misbehaving on the job? Afraid your beloved elder is not being treated properly in a care facility? SpySite offers a remarkable little spy cam that's disguised as an everyday tissue box. A box of tissues looks right at home practically anywhere, right? The best thing about the SpySite tissue box nanny cam is that it can actually serve as a tissue dispenser.

Spy cameras have come a long way since the days of gigantic videotape recorders. Modern digital technology enables surreptitious visual recording practically anywhere. In addition to SpySite's cool tissue box cam, they stock, sell, and ship surveillance cameras that look like smoke detectors, water bottles, and nightstand clock radios.

Audio & Video Surveillance Systems

For someone who wants security surveillance that does it all, a system that combines cameras and microphones is ideal. All-in-one systems can be well hidden or placed right out in the open. A lot of crooks and vandals who see a surveillance camera will choose a less monitored location for their criminal activities.

Even if an audio-video camera doesn't deter a bad guy, it will record irrefutable evidence of their nefarious doings. SpySite offers an impressive array of AV surveillance gear that includes things like discrete wristwatches, desktop clocks, and eyeglasses.

Night Vision

Night vision cameras that operate in ultra-low light are an especially exciting advancement in surveillance technology. SpySite now offers an amazing night vision DVR wristwatch that holds a whopping 4G of internal memory. Another cool feature is water resistance up to ten feet.

Of course, SpySite carries all the wires, SD cards, and memory readers to accessorize the first class surveillance gear they sell. Anyone who wants a state of the art home security system should avail themselves of one or more of the surveillance recording devices that are available at the SpySite online store.

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