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How to find a spy GPS tracker on your car the easy way

February 08, 2023 2 min read

How to find a spy GPS tracker on your car the easy way

How to find a spy GPS tracker on your car the easy way

If you are wondering if someone is tracking you, you are not alone. According to MIT technology review at least 60% of Americans think they are being tracked. That is not surprising when you consider all the ways technology interacts with us on a daily basis not even accounting for technology that is placed without one's knowledge.

Our customers constantly ask about this topic and the truth is that there is no "easy way" to properly do anything right; but if you cannot afford professional services for vehicle debugging and inspection, then you will want to pay attention and read on.

The first thing you will need is to get your hands on a reliable GPS detector. This is probably the most important step. Many will cave in to the promises cheap detectors make only to find out that they were left just as vulnerable as they started. What does a good detector have that others don't? A reputable seller, support, and good range. Be prepared to pay more for reliable performance.  

Now, once you got your device, learn how to use it right. Don't just take it out and wing it. You got this far, lets do it right. As soon as your learning curve has gone its course, make a plan. Your plan should include an analysis of how and when will you conduct your test. Think about why you believe your are being tracked and you will likely find patterns. Perhaps most of the time it happened while on your days off, someone knew exactly where you went even though you did not tell them. Identify a signal frenzy free place (or the best you can get), this way you will limit the things that will make your detector go off.

Next, do your first test. Here you will focus on testing under the same conditions to which you found the pattern. If you don't get a detection, don't stop here. You got more to do!

At this time follow this simple test guide to cover all your basis:

  1. Test on a weekend.
  2. Test on a week day.
  3. Test at different times of day
  4. Use a magnetic probe to locate GPS units placed under the vehicle
  5. Find a trusted friend and a safe area to drive the car at 3-5 miles per hour and SAFELY test while the vehicle is moving

Most people can rely on these GPS tracking detection guidelines and find a GPS tracker successfully. If you did not find one, there are various reasons why that may be. here are some of the most common: 

  • The detector you used was not a good product - consider a professional service. 
  • The GPS tracker was removed by the offender before you tested. - Test again at a later time
  • There was no GPS tracker to find - sorry it happens!

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