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Sliding Door Lock Alarm

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Lock and Alarm Sliding Doors!

This door lock can be a life saver. Designed to protect both conventional opening and sliding doors, SpySite offers the door lock that can detect an opening door and sound the alarm. Be alerted if your toddler opens a door leading to the back yard or the pool!
This door lock also features a panic button allowing you to activate the alarm instantly. This unit is simple to install and requires no additional wiring.

Whether it is to prevent burglars from coming in to your home via a door, or keeping your toddler safe from balconies, pool areas or other hazardous zones; the door lock is an easy to implement audible alarm that can easily alert you of danger or deter mischievous behavior. Make the door lock part of your home baby proof plan and use it around the house anywhere you need extra attention paid to.

Sliding Door Alarm Features:

  • Keyswitch controlled
  • Battery powered
  • Up to 112dB Siren
  • Automatic re-arm after 60 seconds


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  • Does this alarm turn off and on with a key

    Yes, this alarm has a key