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Miniature Spy Camera Cube - All-in-One

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Miniature All-in-One Camera System

Which is the smallest Camera we have? This one might qualify.  The super mini cube is an all-in-one surveillance system that fits on the tip of your finger!

HD camera, microphone, night vision, motion detector, and DVR are jammed packed in this ultra small surveillance tool. Add a MicroSD card and you are ready to go. Easily and discretely record video and voice for up to 16 hours on a 32GB card, just keep in mind that battery life is about 100 minutes.

Place this tiny cube camera anywhere! Take it with you to the office, use it in the hotel while traveling. Adding surveillance protection to your space is easy and requires no installation!

Miniature Spy Camera Features:

  • Miniature design spy camera
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • No installation
  • Easy set up
  • This is a market place product - extended fulfillment may apply.

Smallest Spy Camera Specifications:

  • USB: 2.0
  • Pictures: 12MP
  • Maximum memory: 32GB
  • Avg memory consumption: 2GB/Hour
  • Video: 1280 x 720P (supports motion recording) or 1920 x 1080P
  • High definition support: 1080P (Full-HD)
  • Rechargeable battery: Lithium
  • Memory Card Type: MicroSD / TF
  • Optical Zoom: Fixed Focus
  • Sensor Technology: CMOS

Your Mini Camera Includes:

  • Miniature Spy Camera
  • USB/Video Cable
  • Mounting Swivel
  • Mounting clip
  • Instructions


Ask a Question
  • how would I attach to a car bumper or auto body?

    Thank you for your question.
    This mini camera is not designed for that purpose. In fact it is not weather resistant. It is designed for indoor use or as a body camera. 
    We do offer a camera that can be mounted to the bumper of your car. It comes with the wiring and saw for installation. Just keep in mind that a camera like that, requires a separate recording device. Unfortunately this camera is not yet shown on our site, but we can offer you more information if you are interested.

  • What kind of USB does it take to charge it?

    Thanks for reaching out! The USB required to charge and plug in this mini camera is already included, so you don't have to worry about compatibility.

  • What are the dimensions and the focal distance?

    Thank you for asking, the Mini Cube Camera is 2cmx2cmx1.5cm and has a 90 degree camera range.

  • Does this come with sd card . can I put it on Mon metal surface in bedroom

    Thanks for reaching out! 
    You can place this mini camera virtually anywhere. You can either sit it on a shelf as it sits steady on a flat surface, or use the included mounting option to clip it to swivel mount to other surfaces for more flexibility. At the time of this answer the miniature cube camera does NOT include the memory card, but you can easily add it on by simply using the drop down menu to show you essentials and suggested accessories. Keep in mind the largest card you can use with this security camera is 32GB.