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One-Touch WiFi Reading Eyeglasses No Hole Hidden Camera & DVR

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Broadcast and record what you see and hear - One-Touch Operation 

Our most popular body worn camera with a "no hole" design. The deployment of this surveillance tool is quick and simple whether you are conducting investigations or finding out for yourself. Use a smart mobile device to view and listen remotely up to 100 feet or simply record and review later. 

These reading glasses feature a clear lens for wear flexibility and cleverly conceal a hidden camera, microphone and recorder. You wont even see USB ports or buttons as they are perfectly concealed and operation is achieved via a single pressure button for maximum concealability.

This platform offers lots of settings customization so you decide how much or how little to adjust for great video and images for every detail job. Wear the glasses and focus on the conversation. Record and give access to your team to listen and view live from around the corner or nearby. This body worn camera features HD video quality and records onto a microSD card while also offering live short-range streaming and remote recording options to during live view.

An 80 degree camera angle offers ample coverage for most spaces. Record with motion activation to avoid wasted recording space. A removable leg design conceals rechargeable batteries (includes 2) so you can keep on recording while having the next battery ready. Surveillance doesn't stop when your battery dies! This item also includes our mobile card reader so you can manage your recordings on the go!

You can also take pictures or record with or without voice. In fact, you can change your spy camera settings on the go using your phone or tablet! Flexible and remote operation allows you to wear the camera or set it down in its perfect position.

Spy Reading Glasses Camera Features:

  • Record voice and video
  • Remote live access to both video and sound up to 100 feet away!
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • No monthly fees or cloud needed
  • Removable battery for quick swaps
  • Includes all you need.

Spy Glasses Hidden Camera Specifications:

  • 80° camera angle
  • ~ 30-60 minutes per battery leg
  • Memory Consumption: 10mins/GB
  • Supports time and date stamp
  • Supports removal of time and date stamp
  • Supports video only recording
  • Shake stabilization for still images
  • Automatic white balance
  • Customizable advanced settings
  • Eyeglasses Frame approximate size: 150 x149x46 mm (LxWxH)  

Wearable Spy Clear Lens Glasses Camera Includes:

  • 1 Spy Camera DVR with 32GB memory
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 Dual charging station
  • 3 Battery legs
  • 1 Cleaning cloth
  • 1 Mobile card reader
  • User’s E-manual
  • FREE Support


    Ask a Question
    • The GPSS app runs on android 9, how do I run it on the latest android version?

      Thanks for reaching out. This APP is fully managed by the developper. Please contact the APP developper.

    • These are live streaming through Wifi?

      Great question! Unfortunately no. This item has a transmission limit of 100 feet using the camera's own wifi signal. You might want to check out the water bottle camera or button camera as those DO have remote streaming over wifi.

    • Hello, my name is Joshua Barwo and I am looking for WiFi clear glasses with no hole to buy. I saw that this particular glasses sold out.

      Hello, these wifi glasses camera are indeed out of stock and we dont know when they will be available again. Here is a link to similar items for you to consider:

      Same form factor but NO WIFI: Glasses camera DVR

      Alternative worth considering WITH WIFI: Button cameras

    • When will you restock these?

      Hello. Thanks for asking about this item. Unfortunately we are still experiencing component shortage on this item and sadly we may have to discontinue the wifi eyeglasses for now.
      Here are alternative options for you to consider:

      Wifi alternatives

      Other Eyeglasses cameras.

    • The glasses doesn’t stay on the Wi-Fi. I have to keep connecting it back. It stays on while vibrating none stop for like 2 min then disconnects.

      The Wifi connection is only open for a few seconds. If you dont have the app ready and connect to them via wifi, they will automatically default to DVR function and close the WiFi link. To keep the connection once stablished you must keep the APP open.

    • Is the wifi private or public? is there any way I can make this device private wifi?

      Hello. The wifi this camera creates is not meant to allow web browsing. It is a direct connection to the camera and nothing else.