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Slim Jim Lock Smith Tool

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Lockout Tool

This Slim Jim lock picking tool has been used for years, and we refuse to lower our standards. Made from only the finest spring steel, the Slim Jim Lock Pick Tool is made in the USA. We go the distance to give you a Slim Jim with rounded edges and a top quality vinyl handle. It's simply the best there is!

Made with law enforcement and rescue personnel in mind, the Slim Jim lockout tool is easy to use and practical at unlocking cars without the use of a key or a lock pick. The Slim Jim operates on the levers and interconnecting rods that operate the vehicle's door. Because it bypasses the complicated lock itself, the door can be opened with careful manipulation of the Slim Jim. The hooked end of the lockout tool is slipped between the car's window and the rubber seal catching the rods that connect to the lock mechanism.

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    • Full Hard Spring Stainless Steel
    • 24 inches Long
    • Non Slip Handle
    • Made in the USA


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    • What r the reviews on this item

      Thank you so much for Browsing and for your question. Unfortunately no one has posted a review of this item on our website. If you are interested in this item, you might also like these auto jigglers which will open many different brands car doors.

    • Will it work on newer vehicles

      Hello and Thank you very much for Browsing and your question. Unfortunately no, this unit will only work on older model vehicles. You can however try this unit which are pics/keys to most cars doors. If you have any further questions etc. please let us know.