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Snap Gun Lock Pick

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Snap Open That Lock - Even without Experience!

Snap guns were originally designed to assist law enforcement officials in entering a locked premise. Because they were not originally designed for the professional locksmith; snap guns are easy to use and require little to no lock picking knowledge in order to be effective at opening a wide variety of locks.

Normally, a tumbler lock contains both bottom pins and driver pins, it is the precise placement of both pins that opens the lock. With manual lock picking tools, the user employs trial and error techniques that eventually leads to the correct alignment of the pins and opens the lock. This manual process is particularly effortless for professionals, however for those with less practice in the art of lockpicking, the manual lock picking process can be daunting and even discouraging.

Primarily using the laws of physics, the Snap Gun works by dispensing a burst of energy that perfectly arranges the lock pins: The result: Open lock in seconds! Bearing the proud legacy of truly innovating the snap gun lock pick, SouthOrd Snap Guns feature an adjustable screw that allows you to control the play in the trigger. Anti-slip grips are also standard and provide controlled operation and working comfort. This snap gun comes with picking needles, a tension tool and instructions.

Lock Pick Gun Features:

  • Includes Picking Needles and Tension Tool
  • Adjustable Trigger Control
  • Rubber Grip Handle
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Trigger Lockpicking Tool Includes:

  • Picking needles
  • Tension tool
  • Instructions


Ask a Question
  • Will this open my coin machine at my car wash

    Hello! The gun pick may be able to to open coin machines when employed by a trained user. It is designed to make lock picking easier and faster but does not replace knowledge on how to do it. Also you'll want to check the lock to see if it has a specialty lock, such as a tubular lock, in which case you will need a tubular lock pick.