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Super Mini Wi-Fi Camera - Magnetic Wearable

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Living Life Though the Lens? You need this Mini Life Recorder!!

For those looking to catch all of life's little moments on camera, this mini Wi-Fi camera might just be what you are missing. Small enough to place anywhere, this micro camera is light and comes with a variety of accessories that lets you experiment with all kinds of applications.

 This teeny camera can be worn using the included clip mount or simply stick it anywhere with either the sticky mounts or using the already magnetized camera back! A simple and clean design makes this mini camera fit in almost anywhere, including all kinds of spaces, persons small and tall or pets large or small.

What if you could find out what your dog does when no one is watching? Bet you the tales this camera could tell would become viral!

Have a more serious use in mind? No problem! This mini Wi-Fi camera has just the right features to get the job done. Here are some:

  • Easy set up and configuration - You DO NOT need a computer!
  • View live video and listen from anywhere when you connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi.
  • Easy to follow customization of recording options

Now you can record whatever you want and even check things out when you are gone. A fantastic fun everyday camera yet a powerful home or small business security system that rivals many higher priced options!

Comes with everything you need to get things going! We do recommend some accessories for maximum use, so be sure to add those to your shopping cart.

A single 32GB card provides up to 48 hours of video and sound recording. WOW!! That is a lot of time for such a tiny camera system. 

Want more ideas on how you can use the Mini Camera? How about some of these popular uses:

  • Watch the kids even when you are not home
  • Check on your pet while at work or away
  • Record soccer games right from the field!
  • Personal camera crew - Record vacations and more
  • Security system for your home or office
  • Identify vandals damaging your car
  • Use as a dashcam and record road trips
  • Short term surveillance - Find out who litters your property

The uses are only limited by your imagination. We would love to hear how you use the mini wifi camera!

Super Mini Portable Wi-Fi Camera Features:

  • Easy set up and configuration - You DO NOT need a computer!
  • View live video and listen from anywhere when you connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi.
  • Easy to follow customization of recording options
  • Supports up to 32GB memory card for days of recording space
  • Built-in battery for wearing comfort
  • Supports recording while plugged in for long term recording and uninterrupted live view.
  • Uses a FREE APP for set up
  • Compatible with MAC and PC

Miniature Wi-Fi Camera Specifications:

  • HD Video Resolution: 1280 x 720 MP4
  • Photo Resolution: 1280 x 720 JPG
  • Camera Angle: 90 degrees
  • Focus: 0.5 - infinity
  • Maximum memory supported: 32GB (48 hours max)
  • Card Consumption: 1.5 hours per 1GB 
  • Dimensions: 40x40x15mm
  • Weight: 32gr
  • Built-in battery: 600mAh


  • Qty 1 Super Mini WiFi Camera
  • Qty 1 Sticky Mount
  • Qty 1 Magnetic Mount
  • Qty 1 Magnetic Standard Mount Adapter  
  • Qty 1 FREE Bike Mount Adapter **NEW**


Ask a Question
  • I need a camera or a recording device for my 19 month old toddler to wear to the kindergarten. It has to be hidden and the smallest possible. I only need 2 hr battery life, I don’t need wifi I can check the recording or video recording at home.

    Hi and thanks for reaching out. While the Super Mini Wi-Fi Camera is a great wearable choice, it will be difficult to have a child that small wear it. You could place it into something they take with them and stays with them. If that is not possible, then you might be better using the small button camera or smile pin camera. Alternatively you can also consider forgoing recording and going with something with live access such as the children's watch. Feel free to call us at 845-371-0000 and we can help guide you best once we know more about your specific situation.

  • I require a camera that can take a picture every five minutes or every 10 minutes and save to local sd card. I do not require video or sound. I don’t mind if it’s black and white either. It needs to be wearable , preferably clip on. WiFi is not required. But battery should last for at least one day. Will this camera do all this? If not do you have another camera that can do this? Thank you.

    Thanks for reaching out! This wifi camera will not take still images but it will take video footage from which you can extract still images if desired. The camera is wearable, however the battery life wont last the whole day if you run it continously. The battery life is limited to a couple hours.  You might also want to look at the Emoji pin camera DVR or keyfob camera which can take still images, but you must press the button every time you want a picture

  • Does the camera need to have acess to wifi? I want to send it to school with my daughter but there isnt wifi there.

    Thank you for reaching out. The super mini Wi-Fi Camera can be set up prior to just record and not access wi-fi but you will not be able to view it live unless you are very close to the camera or the camera connects to a local wi-fi spot.

  • This isn't showing the rest of the accessories for this mini camera can u help me

    Hello there! Thanks for reaching out. This wifi mini camera includes a USB cable for charging/power and three mounting options. A sticky magnet, a mount with a standard screw thread and a clipping magnet. There is an image showing the magnetic mounts included with the super mini wi-fi camera. Look for the image with the red circle!

  • How many hours will it work continuously

    Thank you for reaching out with you question.
    The super mini wifi camera will work continously based on memory space availability (up to 48 hours for every 32GB) when connected to a constant power source (plugged in). While on battery, however you will have a maximum of 2 hours operation time as that is the approximate battery life when the micro camera is fully charged.

  • How do you reset the password when you have forgotten the old one

    With the camera ON press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds.

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