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UV Thief Detection Powder

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Glowing Thief Detection

The Ultraviolet Thief Detection Powder is designed for thief detection and the identification of stolen or altered items. For example, an article can be marked so that it is invisible to the eye, but under ultraviolet light the item and anyone who touched it can be identified.

The UV Powder once touched remains on fingers and hands, invisible except under UV light. Tampering, theft, substitution, etc., can be revealed as well as evidence against a suspect provided.

UV technology works like this: Fluorescence is the phenomenon by which certain materials absorb ultraviolet energy and re-emit this invisible radiation in the form of visible colored light. Fluorescence occurs only while the material is being activated by the UV rays. Once the source of the UV radiation is removed, the fluorescent glow ceases. The best fluorescent responses occur in darkness or under low-level lighting conditions. This fluorescent tracer powder readily transfers to the fingers and hands when touched, leaving the subject "glowing" when put under UV inspection.

Powder is recommended for indoor use; paste is recommended for most outdoor use. To make an ultraviolet paste, simply mix the powder in Vaseline. Ultraviolet powder and paste can be applied to locks, fire alarm boxes, off-limits door knobs, computer keyboards, etc.; the list is unlimited, depending upon your security requirements.

Made in the USA. Non-toxic with dispensing container. Don’t forget to add the UV light so you can see the glowing thieve!


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  • Is there an invisible powder that will turn blue when it makes contact with moisture? Like if you have it on your hands and touch your mouth

    Thanks for reaching out! Yes, we do have such powder. Unlike the UV powder, the visible stain detection powder will stain skin blue/purple when in contact.

  • What do I use if I want to have a trail to follow back to where this peeping tom goes after looking into my girls windows?? Is there a powder I can spread on the ground and then later follow his foot steps using a UV lamp?

    Sorry you have to worry about your girls privacy. This UV powder will be a good choice. Place enough powder on the area where the perv would stand so the powder is transfered to his/her shoes. Then as the perv walks away the trail from the shoes will guide you.