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Compact IFAK First Aid Kit - 18 Must Have Survival Items

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Emergency Preparedness - IFAK First Aid Kit

Our Compact IFAK First Aid Kit, a comprehensive solution featuring 18 essential survival items for your medical and emergency needs. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, this kit is a must-have for any adventurer, outdoor enthusiast, or emergency preparedness enthusiast.

What's in the Package?

  • Molle Tactical Package: Ensures convenient and secure attachment to your gear or backpack for easy access during emergencies.
  • Winch Tourniquet: Quickly and effectively stops severe bleeding to prevent life-threatening situations.
  • TCCC Card: Provides essential guidance on Tactical Combat Casualty Care for quick reference during critical situations.
  • Israel Bandage (4 inches): Offers versatile wound dressing and compression for various injuries.
  • Emergency Blanket: Retains body heat and provides insulation in extreme weather conditions to prevent hypothermia.
  • Gauze Triangle Towel: Made from non-woven material, this absorbent towel is ideal for wound cleaning and dressing.
  • Medical Tape (x2): Secures bandages and dressings in place for reliable wound care.
  • Elastic Bandage (95% Cotton, 5% Spandex): Provides compression and support for sprains, strains, and other injuries.
  • Survival Whistle: Alerts rescuers to your location in emergency situations for quick assistance.
  • 8 Layers of 5cm Gauze (x5): Multipurpose gauze pads for wound cleaning, dressing, and padding.
  • Waterproof Band-Aid (x5): Protects minor cuts and abrasions from water and dirt for optimal wound healing.
  • Breathing Mask: Provides respiratory protection in contaminated environments or during CPR.
  • Emergency Splint: Stabilizes fractures and sprains to prevent further injury and facilitate transport.
  • Pure Nitrile Gloves: Offers barrier protection against biological hazards and contaminants during first aid procedures.
  • Gauze Scissors: Sharp and durable scissors for cutting bandages, clothing, or other materials as needed.
  • Cotton Swab: Essential for wound cleaning and applying antiseptics or medications.
  • First Aid Guide: Comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions for administering first aid in emergency situations.
  • 7.5cm * 4.5M PBT: Self-adherent elastic bandage for securing dressings or providing support to injured areas.

Compact yet comprehensive, our IFAK First Aid Kit is your trusted companion for any outdoor adventure, emergency situation, or survival scenario. Be prepared for the unexpected and prioritize safety with our reliable and versatile first aid solution.

IFAK is an “Individual First Aid Kit”, or “Improved First Aid Kit”.


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