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Dead Ringer Generator - Electronic Gadget

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Dead Ringer Generator

If you have found the impending need to play a practical joke on someone you will love this naughty gadget!

The dead ringer generator will disable the phone from ringing during incoming calls. The target has no idea that someone is calling, because the phone never rings - so they'll miss all of their calls. Answering machines, Fax machines and voice mail will not function either.

To ensure this prank doesn't get out of hand and to further disguise the trouble, outgoing dialed calls are completely unaffected and go through normally (in the event of an emergency 911 can be safely reached).

Tired of answering telemarketing calls and not being able to unsubscribe? With the dead ringer generator instead of getting a headache while ignoring the ringing phone, you will get golden silence - How about that for DO NOT CALL LIST!

Just imagine the incredible havoc this could create. Install it anywhere along the telephone line.
It comes with both a modular plug connector (to fit in standard telephone jacks) and spade-lugs connector for installations in unconventional, difficult-to-find locations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 2 3/4" x 1"; x 3/4".



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